Social Impact

Mumbai Urja Marg is committed towards creating a positive difference in the lives of people of Mumbai & MMR with job oriented training programs for youth, providing street light facilities, borewell services and much more.

Powering opportunities for Mumbai’s youth through training programs

Mumbai Urja Marg’s Basics Of Electrical Training program is a mix of practical and theoretical course aimed at skilling 200 youth of Mumbai & MMR, over subsequent batches. So far, three batches have been conducted wherein 78 students have been trained. Out of which many have started working with the contractors and started their own enterprise. With new batches set to commence in near future, there has been good interest shown by female candidates as well. The training will help in ensuring a skilled workforce that will contribute towards Maharashtra’s and India’s growth story.

Bringing smiles and brightness in the lives of people through solar lights installation

Bringing light and brightness in people’s lives in a sustainable manner has always been our topmost priority. Aligned with our vision of decarbonization and a cleaner future for everyone, over 100 solar streetlights have been installed to bring out a positive change in the lives of people in the region.

Reliable Water Supply Access To Villages trough borewell facilities

We at Mumbai Urja Marg understand the importance of water in everybody’s life. Aligned with this vision, borewell has been constructed across villages to enable safe drinking water access and for irrigation. With these small but meaningful steps, we aim to bring a positive difference in the lives of people.